Sunday, July 6, 2008

I'm Caught Up

Yay for me. The first one is "Ancestors" and shows my mom and dad, aunt, sister, great-grandma and grandpa. His class picture was taken in 1906 and that is him in the back row with the hat on.

The second picture is "Animal Dreams". I cast a frozen Charlotte Doll that Judy gave me in plaster and painted the rest.

This third canvas is "Lay Me Down" and the head, hand and baby were each cast in plaster from doll parts and then worked into the painting. It might seem ominous to some but to me when we die we return to 'mother' from whence we came and all is perfect peace. I thought the Jesus baby was perfect to symbolize this.


Catherine said...

Very cool Judy! The cat looks spooky to me without the eyes.

The class picture in black and white reminds me of mine from kindergarden. It was B&W too.

The plaster cast pieces are great because of the added dimension.

You win the prize for completing your projects! A+ from me.

Laurie Mika said...

Wonderful pieces Judy...and lucky you, all caught up! I love the Lay Me Down assemblage. The fun thing is that I didn't guess those were your pieces, so different from the Judy I know! Nice to be given the opportunity to stretch you have done. Wonderful results.

Robin said...

Your work has such a unity to it! Three fairly different pieces, especially the whimsy of the cat dreams... yet they are all obviously the work of one person's heart and hands. I love the way you painted the ancestor faces!

Robin said...

Ooops, I blew it... Painted ancestor faces are not in your work... Sorry... otherwise my comment holds true.