Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mad as a March Hare!

I went with the first title and I got kind of carried away and made two. I love the idea of the whole mad thing and trying to evoke it in a piece of art. So here are two hares and each one has a mad streak.

They are both made of ceramic and then glazed with iron oxide on the bodies and a little black, pink and clear where needed and fired in my ceramic kiln. I used small brass pins to tack some quilted red satin to a piece of wood, a "padded room" for my characters.

I made the conventional one first and then I made the second one using a knife to cut small slabs off my block of clay and attached them as is to give it a particularly crazy look. You all can vote and help me decide which one to send in when the time comes.

I feel kind of mad myself right now as I contemplate packing for Artfest. I know it will get done. I just have to start.


Diane Havnen-Smith said...

Catherine, Great job with the 'mad' theme! Very original!

Laurie said...

Hi Catherine,
So nice meeting you at Artfest! Your two "Mad as a March Hare" pieces are so alive and warm....just like you! Ceramics, painting, PMC, you are a woman of many talents!