Wednesday, February 6, 2008

February-Red Valentine!

So this is my Mexican folk art inspired "red" piece....of course, I had to put a heart in it! The heart came from an article in the LA Times about the Latin American show at LACMA this past year and I had been hanging onto it for just the right moment and I guess this was it! I may monkey around with it a bit more....
Does everyone know what the March theme is? In case you didn't read the post awhile is a combo theme of "Mad as a March Hare" and "Herald Spring".
This has been such fun seeing all of the beautiful pieces of art appear here. I look so forward to checking to see what has been posted!


katie said...

Beautiful piece, Laurie! Another wonderful addition to the current collection of "eights".

And March sounds like it's going to be a challenging one for me, great theme!

xo katie

Judy Wise said...

Wow, it's just gorgeous. I love everything about it.

HappyDayArt! said...

It is glorious! I really like what the words represent.


lklight said...

Laurie this is beautiful, see red isn't so bad!!!