Tuesday, May 27, 2008

May- Albie Smith

This one is mixed media. I was attracted to some photos in a magazine and liked the idea of the zebra physically close to the person. I collaged from various photos and painted over most of them. On my trip to Africa we saw many zebra and they were very wary, a male leader keeping the herd behind him, staying on the alert so that the others could feed while he watched for danger. The zebra in my painting seems to be taking some time off and just being, strolling along with his eyes closed and the human is alert, focused. It all came together in a very dreamy state which is the way I enjoy painting.

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Judy Wise said...

I love the lady and the zebra. At first glance I read it as a lady in a fashionista zebra patterned shawl and hat; very oh-la-la. Now I see it is an actual zebra; I love it when that happens. Really great, both of them.