Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Well, just a little late but here is my piece from March.
It's been sitting on my desk forever & I hated it, but I finally tweaked it enough to call it done.
The dress is made of springs from an old typewriter & fibers, hence the "spring" part of the theme.
OK, onward to my ancestors!


Catherine said...

Trippy cool! That little baby doll hanging from her is interesting. And I really like the profile view.


Laurie said...

I do LOVE this just really speaks to me. Her face and flowing body, the springs, the leaves, the whole thing! Just beautiful. I keep staring at it and seeing different things.

Ms Dragonfly said...

wow! that is amazing! love it :)

julie king said...

this piece is so ethereal and yet "there". creative, unusual and ecclectic all at once!