Thursday, December 13, 2007


Each year around this time I seem to cook up some kind of community or collaborative project for the upcoming year.
Last year I started a group called one week at a time, where a group of local women made one piece of art every week for an entire year. We met once a month to share our work, & at the end of the year we had a group show at a local gallery. It was such a wonderful experience in so many ways & I wanted to do something similar this year only a little less intense & expand it to beyond Albuquerque.

I was talking w/ my friend Paula about this one day & she came up with the idea of inviting 8 artists to create one 8x8 piece of artwork every month for 8 months & having a show here on the 8th month. I loved the idea, but the group filled almost instantly & there were a few women that I really wanted to work with. So I decided to do a sister project, same thing, only w/ out of state artists & have a traveling show at the end of eight months.
I sent out an invitation & almost immediately everyone wrote back & committed to the project!

I am so thrilled & honored to be working with 2 groups of such amazing artists, I'll be working with both groups, our local group with Paula & this new group Project eight.
It's going to be an amazing adventure, I can just feel it!
This blog is a place where we can all post our work, so you'll get to see the work as it progresses. Paula is also going to set up a blog for her group... when it's all set up, I'll add it to my links here on my blog & hopefully everyone else will too.
I can't wait to get started & thank you to all of the amazing women who will be joining me on this great adventure!

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Ro Bruhn said...

This sounds like a great idea, can't wait to see all the work each month.